Why leave the NCAA?

The Super Six teams already transcend the rest of the NCAA—popularity-wise, financially, and in numbers of alumni. The top 10 athletic departments make as much money alone as schools 70-100…and yet there are still 200 more NCAA Division 1 programs that trail even more drastically behind. The discrepancy top to bottom is enormous, and yet all are card-carrying members of the NCAA. The top 68 schools in Division 1 football make 82% of the roughly 160 million in bowl money. The bottom fifty schools make less, sure, but considering that the top 68 drive the majority of the interest in the sport, an argument can be made that 18% is too much for the small schools. Instead, the Super Six are being pushed towards sharing more of their wealth and threatened with nagging anti-trust lawsuits.  In the NCAA basketball tournament, $425 million is split equally (you read that right, equally) among the Division 1 programs.  By breaking off from the NCAA, the Super Six will see their hard-earned profits in their own pockets, not those of the schools riding on their coattails. Andy Staples of SI.com thinks it could happen.

They also will be able to create and enforce rules that enhance their advantages…click

And if you’re wondering how the Super 6 can emerge out of the current landscape…click


One Response to Why leave the NCAA?

  1. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/andy_staples/07/25/loot/

    Andy Staples’ gets it. I agree with his premise that the NCAA as it currently stands suits minor sports perfectly. Maybe the Super 6 don’t need to completely pull away.

    Or maybe the NCAA will simply benefit from the Super 6 not being ambitious enough to go out on their own all the way?

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