The old NCAA’s new March Madness

With just 74 of the NCAA’s Division 1’s 345 members leaving for the Super 6, it would seem that the NCAA tournament could continue on without disturbance. And maybe it would. You’d still have 26 conference champions looking for a venue to battle it for a “national title.” Maybe you’d need to adjust the format away from neutral sites and allow your high seeds a “close to home” (if not outright HOME) venue for their first pod of games. Maybe you change the format altogether simply to make the product new and different from the Super 6’s more popular tournament. How about an Iron Man competition of 16 teams that play on one court four days in a row (similar to the Big East’s tourney which UConn exploded through)? Do four Ultra-Tourneys around the country and then have a relaxing “Final Four” (after all, the NCAA still owns that phrase) the week before the Super 6’s Semifinal. Maybe on Wednesday and Friday with the Super 6 Semi’s on Saturday?

And if this all were to happen, start carving the post-season NIT’s tombstone.


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