Super 6 Playoff Examples

Using the final BCS polls from the last 10 years, the examples are presented below of what the 6-team playoff and the major bowl games would have been in the past. The rules for the playoff are listed here, but it’s interesting to note that only three times in the past decade would a Super 6 conference champion been forced out of the playoff by a top 4 team. And in all three situations, the team pushed out was ranked 9 or 10 (Maryland 2001, Oklahoma 2006, and Georgia Tech 2009). For purposes of illustration, I’ve given the home team (and higher seed) the win in all of the mid-December first round playoff games.

Note 1: The breakdown of bowls who hosted the Super 6 Semifinals over the past decade? The Fiesta, Rose, and Sugar each hosted 6 times. The Orange hosted just twice (when Miami was strong).

Note 2: no team outside the Super 6 would have ever been qualified for the Super 6 playoff from outside the Super 6 (since the inclusion of TCU and Utah in Super 6 conferences). Boise State, despite all their success, never finished in the top 4 of a final BCS poll.

2010 Playoff

OU at TCU#, Wiscy at Stanford*

Auburn, Oregon byes

2010 Bowls

+Sugar—Stanford vs. Auburn

+Rose—TCU vs. Oregon

Fiesta—OU vs. UConn

Orange—Wisconsin vs. VaTech


2009 Playoff

Ohio State At Cincinnati, Oregon at TCU*

Alabama, Texas byes

(Georgia Tech out)

2009 Bowls

+Sugar—TCU vs. Alabama

+Fiesta—Cincinatti vs. Texas

Orange—Georgia Tech vs. Florida

Rose—Oregon vs. Ohio State


2008 Playoff

PSU at Texas*, USC at Alabama*

Oklahoma, Florida byes

2008 Bowls

+Fiesta—Alabama vs.Oklahoma

+Sugar—Texas vs. Florida

Orange—Cincinnati vs. Georgia Tech

Rose—Penn State vs. USC


2007 Playoff

WVU at Virginia Tech, USC at Oklahoma

LSU, OSU byes

2007 Bowls

+Sugar— Virginia Tech vs. LSU

+Rose—Oklahoma vs. OSU

Fiesta—Missouri vs. USC

Orange—WVU vs. Georgia


2006 Playoff

Louisville at Michigan, USC at LSU*

Ohio State, Florida bye

2006 Bowls

+Sugar—Michigan vs. Florida

+Rose—LSU vs. Ohio State

Fiesta—Oklahoma vs. USC

Orange—Louisville vs. Wake Forest

(Oklahoma out)


2005 Playoff

Miami at Penn State, Georgia at Ohio State*

USC, Texas bye

2005 Bowls

+Rose—Ohio State vs. USC

+Fiesta—Penn State vs. Texas

Orange—Miami vs. Notre Dame

Sugar—Georgia vs. Oregon


2004 Playoff

Louisville at Auburn, Virginia Tech at Texas*

Oklahoma, USC bye

2004 Bowls

+Fiesta—Auburn vs. Oklahoma

+Rose—Texas vs. USC

Orange—Iowa vs. Virginia Tech

Sugar—Georgia vs. California


2003 Playoff

Miami# at USC, Florida State at Michigan

Oklahoma, LSU bye

2003 Bowls

+Sugar—USC vs. LSU

+Fiesta—Michigan vs. Oklahoma

Rose—Texas vs. Ohio State

Orange—Miami# vs. Florida State


2002 Playoff

Oklahoma at Georgia, Iowa* at USC

Miami, Ohio State bye

2002 Bowls

+Orange—Georgia vs. Miami

+Rose—USC vs. Ohio State

Fiesta—Oklahoma vs. Washington St.

Sugar—Notre Dame vs. Texas


2001 Playoff

Illinois at Colorado*, Florida at Oregon

Miami, Nebraska bye

(Maryland out)

2001 Bowls

+Orange—Colorado vs. Miami

+Fiesta—Oregon vs. Nebraska

Rose—Illinois vs. Stanford

Sugar—Florida vs. Maryland


*at large berth in playoff

# TCU, Miami as Big East rep


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