2011 Super 6 Sim, the bowls

The Super 6 Playoff looks like this. For illustration purposes, we’re going to give the higher seed team (according to Phil Steele’s preseason rankings) the victory in my simulation.

December 17–5 p.m. – Notre Dame at Virginia Tech

December 17–9 p.m. – TCU at Oregon

With #3 Oregon and #4 Virginia Tech winning, the bowls would then shake out like this… (click here if you need to remember the bowl affiliations)

Jan. 16 Super 6 Champ Game  
Jan. 4 Fiesta Glendale, Ariz. #2 Oklahoma vs. #3 Oregon
Jan. 3 or 4 Orange Miami, Fla. Notre Dame vs. LSU
Jan. 2 or 3 Sugar New Orleans, La. #1 Alabama vs. #4 Virginia Tech
Jan. 2 Rose Pasadena, Calif. Nebraska vs.  Stanford
Jan. 6 Cotton Arlington, Tex. Texas A&M vs. Arkansas
Jan. 2 Outback Tampa, Fla. Wisconsin vs. South Carolina
Jan. 2 Capital One Orlando, Fla. Penn State vs. Georgia
Jan. 2 Gator Jacksonville, Fla. Michigan St. vs. Mississippi St.
Dec. 31 Sun El Paso, Tex. North Carolina vs. Utah
Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Atlanta, Ga. Florida St. vs. Florida
Dec. 30 Pinstripe New York, N.Y. Iowa vs. Pittsburgh
Dec. 30 Insight Tempe, Ariz. Oklahoma St. vs. Illinois
Dec. 29 Alamo San Antonio, Tex. TCU vs. Washington
Dec. 28 Holiday San Diego, Calif. UCLA vs. Houston*
Dec. 26 Champs Sports Orlando, Fla. USF vs. Miami
Dec. 24 Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Arizona St. vs. Texas

*Team joined the Super 6’s Big 12 Conference

On the night of December 17, after the playoff games concluded, all of the final bowl pairings would be announced. With TCU’s loss in the playoffs, West Virginia lost their chance at a longer post-season. With Oregon’s win, Washington made it into a bowl.

One argument against this system is that fan bases wouldn’t have enough time to prepare to travel. UCLA’s fans would be the most crunched. They’d have just 10 days to prepare for their bowl travel to San Diego. Quite a challenge! TCU’s fans would have it difficult too. Just 11 days to prepare for their bowl trip to San Antonio. Grueling logistics there! Of course, it might not work out THAT easily every year, but you can see that the “fan base travel time” argument just isn’t that strong.

I’ll update this page once the final BCS poll is created in early December using those result as well.


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